Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Private Parties

Do you have a milestone coming up? Planning a wedding shower, bachelorette party, or baby shower? A private party at Alpine Arts Center is the perfect way to celebrate.  We’ll work with you to design a project that you and your friends and family will absolutely love.

Party Ideas!
-Host your wedding shower at Alpine Arts Center and create a paint pottery dish set for the bride to be.
-Reserve our space for your bachelorette party and do a Cocktails & Canvas class, or schedule an evening of life drawing with a nude male model!
-Hire us to paint your wedding ceremony on site. It will provide entertainment for your guests and also capture your special day on canvas. 
-Plan your next baby show at Alpine Arts Center!  It's a great space for food, drinks, games, and crafts such as decorating onesies or creating a paint pottery alphabet for the nursery!
-For your next family gathering or birthday party, invite everyone in for Family Painting Days or a pottery wheel class.

Remember, we're mobile and can come to you for any occasion.  We can work with you to come up with an original idea for your next party or big event! We've hosted parties at private homes, in hotel residences, on top of the mountain, on a bus from Denver to Vail, at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, & more - tell us your idea and we will make it happen.

Send us info about your private party and date.  We’ll get back to you with the perfect party plan!

Click here to schedule your private party.

cocktails canvas 2

Private Cocktails & Canvas for Beaver Creek Club

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Private Lesson in Beaver Creek Village


Baby Shower Decorating Onesies

hannukkah party

Paint Pottery Hanukkah Party for B'Nai Vail

wedding shower

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wedding shower

Baby Shower and Luncheon

toms shoe painting party

Toms "Style Your Sole" Party with Roxy, Vail

school poetry jam

Poetry Jam Event with St. Clare of Assisi School

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