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Rachel Brockey

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Rachel Brockey is featured in Alpine Arts Center's gallery this season!  Come check out her beautiful photography printed on metal! 

Click here to see more of Rachel Brockey's Portfolio!

We have 7 of Rachel's artworks in our store ranging in size and price.  Her photography on metal pieces range from $199.00-$799.00!  We also carry matted prints for $85!  Her photography has brilliant color and captures Colorado landscapes perfectly.  Come in and check out her work! 

Rachel Brockey's Artist Statement/Bio:

International-award winning photographer, Rachel Brockey, is recognized for capturing dramatic landscapes and abstract subject matter in bold color palettes. With ten of thousands of followers on social media worldwide, the development of a groundbreaking photographic mapping software and her recent success as an emerging mixed media fine art photographer, the National Association of Professional Businesswoman named Rachel one of their Businesswomen of the Year in 2013.

Upon completing studies at Brooks Institute of Photography, Rachel built a respected architecture and interior design photography firm with offices on the east and west coasts. As the significance of brand recognition exploded on the Internet, Rachel’s early work focused on building mixed media visual portfolios for Fortune 500 Companies with emphasis in the hospitality and destination resort markets. Her focus in the architectural field led to her later development of a software noted for introducing web-accessible, photographic as-built technology into the commercial construction marketplace.

Aside from her work in architectural photography, Rachel’s personal passions are fueled by her love for geographic exploration, mentoring, and building recognition for photography as collectible fine art. Rachel has spent years developing a signature style in her private collection pieces. By combining four to ten singularly exposed and manipulated images, Rachel creates a single digital composite that celebrates dimensional depth, the aesthetics of oil and sketch artistry, and her recognizable depiction of color. Rachel produces elite limited runs of her pieces creating a collectible medium of archival photographic art that is enjoyed in both commercial and residential environments.

In May of 2014, Rachel embarked on a solo photography expedition, which traversed over five states in fourteen weeks. Covering more than ten thousand miles by road and hiking trails, Rachel’s exploration led her through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Rachel is currently working on hardcopy photography-infused coffee table book chronicling the comical mishaps and daring adventures of her journey with stories surrounding many of the captures you see here in our gallery today.

As of this summer, Rachel permanently relocated to Colorado as a resident photographer drawn to the topography, outdoor enthusiast lifestyle and seasonal mountain living. Rachel is currently working as a contributing photographer with a National Geographic Team creating a documentary special focused on the law enforcement and search and rescue teams located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Rachel’s favorite saying, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough” continues to propel her forward as she hopes you’ll stay tuned for her next great adventure.


Stop by Alpine Arts Center during drop-in hours to view our full exhibit.


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